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Why do we need Theresa May to be returned with a strong majority?
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The UK voted to leave the EU, now we have to make the most of it

Like it or not we British voted by a majority to leave the EU. This is not what the opinion polls, MPs, David Cameron and 'myself' had anticipated or wanted.

However, we now have to accept that we are going to leave and the country faces a major change of direction.


We now need strong leadership

At times like this we need strong leadership. In the Second World War we turned to Winston Churchill who was the right person at the right time for Britain.

Today we have Theresa May. So far I think she has done a good job of Leadership and if she is a "Bloody difficult woman" maybe that is no bad thing!

In many ways running a country is like running a business and most successful businesses have one notable chief executive who has driven the business forward.

Arguably some are likened to being "Dictators". Back in the 1960’s Roland "Tiny" Rowland transformed Lonrho from a small mining company in Africa into a huge international conglomerate. He allegedly said that "a Board of Directors should consist of an odd number of people and three was too many".


Dealing with Europe is not going to be easy, now would be a good time to unite

Two years of negotiating with the rest of Europe is not going to be easy. For this reason alone Theresa May is going to need 100% backing of the British Parliament and their full support for any compromises that she thinks are necessary. We need the best possible outcome and we will not achieve this if our own Parliament are “nit picking” over parts of what will inevitably be a compromise solution.

The final Brexit agreement will not be perfect for either Europe or the UK but hopefully it will be the best that can be achieved.


Poor planning and a bad deal will be disastrous for us all

Guiding Britain forward is comparable to navigating a super tanker. Changes in direction have to be planned well in advance and manoeuvres carried out gradually.

If we take a look at Airbus as an example of UK and European co operation, Brexit will have a significant impact. The UK make the bits that fly, we make the best wings and engines in the world. Without the UK Europe is left with a passenger compartment that won’t go anywhere!

So the significance in this, as with many of our shared interests, is good reason why Europe and Britain should want, and need, an equitable solution.

It will take years for the full implication of Brexit to be experienced. For now all we can do is back Theresa May and ensure that she knows that she has our full support and our confidence that she will negotiate a satisfactory agreement.


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