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Commercial Mortgages

Extensive facilities for business loans and mortgages

Commercial mortgages and remortgages from £100,000 to £500 million – We provide commercial mortgages from £100,000 upwards. Although most commercial mortgage applications are for under £5 million we do have available specialist facilities for commercial mortgages ranging from £5 million to £500 million.

Repayment terms from 3 to 30 years – Our extensive panel of lenders enables us to typically offer repayment terms ranging from 3 years up to 30 years.

100% commercial mortgages available – In order to arrange a facility that will provide 100% of the purchase price or value of a commercial property, additional security will normally be required.


Commercial remortgages for any purpose

Usually the most cost effective way to raise additional business funds is through a commercial remortgage.

Commercial remortgages are available to raise capital for most business purposes including expansion, modernisation, to reorganise finances by consolidating more expensive finance facilities or to provide a working capital cash injection.

Application to completion for commercial remortgages can be achieved surprisingly quickly and can provide quick funds that often may have been considered possible only through commercial bridging finance.


Semi-commercial mortgages for part commercial and part residential properties

Finance to purchase or remortgage properties that are used for both residential and commercial purposes can be provided through the use of semi-commercial mortgages. An example of a semi-commercial property would be a retail shop that has residential accommodation attached.


Commercial mortgages to repay bridging loans and development finance

Bridging loans are only intended to be used as a short term finance facility. Therefore before taking out a bridging loan it is very important to have an exit strategy in place. A popular exit strategy for bridging loans is to refinance using a commercial mortgage.

A commercial mortgage being used as an exit strategy to repay bridging finance would occur when the completion of a commercial property purchase had to be achieved very quickly, or when the commercial property is unsuitable security for the mortgage provider because it is in a poor state of repair. Following completion of repair and restoration work the short term bridging loan will be repaid through refinancing, using a long term commercial mortgage facility.

It is important to realise that considerable financial savings can be made if you are able to skip the initial bridging loan and go straight to the commercial mortgage.

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