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Bridging Loan Calculator
Please select Auto or Manual:

Auto - Automatically selects the interest rate and lender facility fee.

Manual - Allows manual input of the monthly interest rate and lender facility fee. This is useful if you want to compare options.
Please Note: We recommend that you keep the calculator set at ‘Auto’.

By setting to ‘Manual’ you will be required to enter the monthly interest rate, facility fee and if applicable any exit fee.

Back to Auto Continue to Manual
Loan Amount Required
Please enter the Bridging Loan amount that you require.
The total ‘net’ loan amount that you are looking to borrow. This is the amount you are expecting to receive before interest or any other costs have been added.
Term Required
The maximum number of months that you require the loan for.
Properties Used as Security
Please enter the number of properties that you would like to secure the loan against.
Property 1: Value
Please enter the estimated market value of the property (or properties) being used as security.
The estimated market value of the property being used as security.
Property 1: Mortgage Balance
The total balance of any mortgages secured on the property that are not being cleared and will still be outstanding upon receipt of the bridging loan.
Property 2: Value
Property 2: Mortgage Balance
Property 3: Value
Property 3: Mortgage Balance
Property 4: Value
Property 4: Mortgage Balance
Property 5: Value
Property 5: Mortgage Balance
Property 6: Value
Property 6: Mortgage Balance
Interest Roll Up or Pay Monthly
Rolled Up Interest means the interest is charged at the end of each month and then added to the loan balance. It is then paid when the loan is redeemed.

Pay Monthly option means that the interest is charged and paid at the end of each month. It is not added to the loan facility.
Redemption Amount if
Loan Cleared Early

Amount to Repay if Loan
Cleared at the End of:
Enter the month in which you could repay the loan early. The calculator will provide an estimated settlement amount for clearing the loan facility at the end of the month you select.
Instant Results
Please Note: The Loan to Value has exceeded the maximum of 100%

You can reduce the loan to value by any one, or more, of the following actions:

1. Reduce the loan amount required
2. Add additional security
3. Reduce the loan term required - Not advised and may not be an option
4. Consider making monthly interest payments rather than roll up interest - Not advised and may not be an option

If you wish to continue using the calculator without Loan to Value restrictions, please switch the calculator from Auto to Manual.

Bridging loan amount required before interest or any other costs have been added.Net Bridging Loan Amount - - -
This is the length of the loan in months.Loan Term - - -
Monthly rate of interest charged on the loan facility.Monthly Interest Rate - - -
Calculated as a percentage of the net loan amount and added to the loan facility. Amount of facility fee is illustrated, and the percentage charged is shown in brackets.Lender Facility Fee (0.5%) - - -
This is the net loan amount plus the lender facility fee.Net Loan Plus Facility Fee - - -
This is the average monthly amount of interest charged based on the full term of the loan. Interest is calculated on the loan balance each month and then added to the facility.Average Monthly Interest - - -
This is the total amount of interest that will be charged if the loan is cleared right at the end of its term.Interest if Loan Runs Full Term - - -
This is the total of the net loan amount, plus lender facility fee, plus the total roll up interest amount if the loan runs full term.Gross Loan - - -
This is calculated using the loan amount plus any mortgages left in place, and the total value of the properties used as security.Loan To Value (LTV) - - -
Other Costs
This is the estimated cost if a full valuation is required on the properties offered as security. This figure maybe reduced if a desktop, drive by or existing valuation is sufficient for the lender.Valuation Fees - - -
Most lenders charge administration fees, the amount of which can vary. The fee shown is for a typical plan.Lenders Administration Fee - - -
Lenders will require clients to pay any legal fees incurred in relation to arranging their loan.Estimated Lender Legal Costs - - -
Lenders are charged this fee for sending the proceeds of the loan to their solicitor. They claim this charge back from their customers.Telegraphic Transfer Fee - - -
When the loan is repaid the lenders charge an admin fee to remove their charge over the security property.Redemption Administration Fee - - -
Some loan plans have exit fees. The vast majority of our loan plans do not.Exit Fee (0%) - - -
Most brokers and packagers charge fees, we do not.Packager and Broker Fees - - -
Loan Settlement
This is the estimated amount required to clear the loan facility if it runs full term.Redemption Amount at Full Term - - -
This is an estimate of the amount required to settle the loan if it is cleared early, at the end of the month selected.Early Settlement, Month 5 - - -
Broker Fees or Packager Fees
All You Need To Know
Buy Before You Sell Bridging
Stamp Duty on Property Purchases
Stamp Duty Calculator
Security Against Commercial Property
Commercial Bridging Calculator

This calculator is for bridging loans that are secured against residential property, such as houses and flats. Residential property offered as security can be owner occupied, second/holiday homes, buy to lets and other investment property.

Calculations for bridging loans secured against commercial property, development land and farms, please use our commercial bridging loan calculator.

The calculator above provides a detailed guide to the interest charges, plus all the other costs, associated with taking out a bridging loan that uses residential property as security.

It is designed to provide an accurate as possible guide to the overall cost of a bridging loan facility if it runs full term, and also the reduced costs if the loan is cleared early.

The calculations are based on our most common and popular loan plans. The lending criteria for these plans are detailed below.

However, the figures generated should not be relied upon as an accurate quote. Please contact us at anytime and we will be pleased to provide you with a detailed accurate quote and loan approval.
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Jerry Matthews
Commercial Manager
& Head of Bridging

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Bridging Loan Calculator

So that our bridging loan calculator provides as accurate as possible illustrations of the likely costs involved in taking out and having a bridging loan, calculations are based on our most popular and commonly arranged loan plans.

The lending criteria is quite simple. To see if you qualify please see below:

How do I get approved for a bridging loan?

Loan criteria for our most commonly arranged plans:


  • Loans from £100,000 to £10 million
  • Terms from 1 month to 18 months
  • Minimum loan term 30 days


  • Aged 21 or over
  • Resident in the UK
  • Credit History – CCJs, defaults and arrears are considered and usually accepted provided exit is not dependent on refinancing
  • No income proof required – except when the loan is to be repaid through refinancing
  • Available to individuals, partnerships and limited companies

Property used as security to qualify for residential bridging loan plans

  • Houses, flats, maisonettes, bungalows and HMOs
  • Commercial property can be used if it is being converted to 1 or more residential properties
  • Multiple properties can be used as security
  • Security property must be located in mainland England, Wales or Scotland
  • Can be in a very poor state of repair (completely gutted, have no kitchen or bathrooms, etc)
  • New builds need to be watertight (Roof on and windows in)


Valuations are required on most plans. These can either be a desktop valuation or full valuation.

  • Desktop valuations - are typically no more than £100 each and can be turned around in hours.
  • Full valuations - cost more, an indication of their costs is provided by our calculator.

Interest charges

The calculator plans charge interest monthly, which is then usually rolled up. This means that the gross loan balance increases each month as interest is added.

Bridging Loan Interest Rates
Loan To ValueMonthly Rate
Up to 50% 0.43%
50% to 65% 0.53%
65% to 70% 0.63%
70% to 75% 0.73%

Loan To Values are based on the open market value, not the lower 90 day or distressed valuation calculations.

Bridging Loan Fees and Costs

Lenders Arrangement Fees

(also referred to as Lenders Facility Fees)

For the vast majority of plans, lenders charge a 2% arrangement or facility fee, which is calculated on the net or gross loan amount. For most of our facilities this fee is calculated on the net loan amount, not the gross. We are also able to arrange reduced fees on the following basis:

Lenders Arrangement Fees
Loan AmountRate
Up to £200,0002%
£200,000 to £250,000 1.75%
£250,000 to £350,000 1.5%
£350,000 to £500,000 1.25%
£500,000 to £750,000 1%
£750,000 to £1 Million 0.75%
£1 Million to £5 Million 0.5%
Above £5 Million 0.25%

For the above plans the minimum loan term is 30 days (1 month), therefore if you repay the loan within the first 30 days you will still be charged the full 30 days interest. After the 30 day period has ended you will only be charged interest up to the actual day that you clear your loan.

Administration fee

If the loan is taken out then the lender will charge an administration fee, which is typically £295. This is not an application fee, it is only charged if you draw down the loan.

Valuation fees

These fees vary on the value of the property, or properties, being used as security. Their location and the type of report required is also a factor. Our calculator provides an estimate to the cost of a full valuation.

Desk top valuations cost less and are quicker, so we always use these wherever possible.

Valuation fees are required to instruct valuations and are paid directly to the surveyor or lender.

Redemption fee

Lenders charge a redemption fee when the loan is repaid. This is a legal cost for removing their charge from the security property.

Solicitors fees – the lender uses a solicitor to deal with the loan contracts, and also placing their charge on the security property. The costs involved for this is charged to the applicant. An indication of the amount charged for lenders legal fees is provided by our calculator.

Broker Fees and Exit Fees

We do not charge broker fees and there are no exit fees on any of these loan plans.

No obligation finance quotes

Our calculators are intended to provide an approximate guide to all the costs associated with taking out a short-term finance facility. However, there are many lenders, all of whom offer different interest rates, calculate interest in different ways and have different fee scales. As independent brokers we will always provide the finance facility that offers the best possible deal.

Please contact us anytime to find the best possible finance deals. We are always happy to provide full finance quotes that fully detail the interest rates charged plus all other costs.

How interest is calculated and added to the loan

Bridging lenders have different ways of calculating, charging and rebating interest. For the vast majority of facilities that we provide the following applies:

Interest is rolled up

  • Interest is charged monthly on the outstanding account balance.
  • Interest payments are not required, therefore the monthly interest charge is added to the account balance each month.
  • Each month the outstanding balance will increase due to the compounded interest.

Clearing the loan early

  • Loans are usually set up with 12 month terms, and there are no early redemption charges.
  • The minimum loan term is just 1 month (30 days), meaning if you clear the loan within the first month, interest will be charged for the full month.
  • After the first month, interest will only be charged up to the day that the loan is cleared. For example, if the loan is repaid after 3 months 10 days, total interest charged will be 3 months plus 10/30 (or 1/3) of a month.

Other Popular Loan Plans

0.175% per month short term loan plan

  • 0.175% per month up to 60% LTV
  • Loan terms up to 24 months
  • Facility fee is 2%
  • Interest can be paid monthly or set aside
  • Loans £1 Million and above

Please note this is not a typical bridging facility in that underwriting is more stringent and it takes longer to put in place. It is a good option if it fits your circumstances, enough time is available for it to be put it in place, and if the loan is likely to run over 12 months (the benefits of the reduced rate is outweighed by the increased facility fee if redeemed within 12 months).

Market leading rates available on bridging loans above £2 million

Specialist facilities available for loans ranging from £2 million to £1 billion.

Please contact us for further information.

How to use our bridging loan calculator

Play Video

To use our bridging loan calculator select if you would like ‘Auto’ or ‘Manual’.

By default, the calculator is set at our recommended setting ‘Auto’, meaning the monthly interest rate and lender facility fees are both selected automatically.

Please select ‘Manual’ if you want to be able to manually enter the monthly interest rate, lender facility fee and if required an exit fee.

Enter the net loan amount that you require. This is the amount that you would like to borrow before any interest charges or lender facility fees have been added to the loan.

Enter the loan term required. This is typically 12 months, even if you don’t think that you will need the loan for that long. Interest is only calculated up to the day that the loan is cleared, and there are no early redemption penalties. The minimum loan term is one month, so if you clear the loan within the first month (for example after just 2 weeks) then you will be charged interest for the full month. 

There is an option (Redemption Amount if Loan Cleared Early) to enter the number of months that you think you will have the loan for. The calculator will provide an estimated redemption amount for the loan if it does not run full term, and is cleared at the end of the month selected.

Selecthow many properties that you would like to use to secure the loan. The lower the loan to value then the lower the interest rate. You can use property being purchased with the loan and/or existing properties that you, or anyone else who is part of the loan agreement, own.

Enter the estimated market value of each property

Enter the amount of any mortgages that are secured on the security property and will still be outstanding after the bridging loan has been drawn. If the bridging loan is being used to clear any existing charges, or there are no existing mortgages, then this box can be left blank.

Select if you would like ‘Interest Roll Up’ or ‘Pay Monthly Interest’. Over 90% of our bridging loan facilities are provided with roll up interest. You can opt to pay monthly on some plans if you prefer, but for this option the lenders will need to have income confirmation to prove affordability.

Enter the month that you think you may clear the loan. The calculator will provide an estimated redemption cost if the loan is cleared at the end of the month selected.


By clicking on the 'calculate' button the bridging loan calculator will work out the following:

Net Loan Plus Facility Fee – This is the total of the loan amount required and the lender's facility fee.

Average Monthly Interest – This is based on the loan amount required, the lender's facility fee added to the loan and the monthly rate of interest. The figure provided is calculated using the monthly amount of interest charged on the Net Loan Plus Facility Fee amount. The figure provided is the average monthly interest charged per month if the loan runs for the full term. For pay monthly loans, the monthly charge will be the same each month, but for roll up interest loans there will be a slight increase in interest charges each month. This is due to the loan balance increasing each month as interest charges are added, and interest being charged in the interest (compounded).

Interest if loan runs full term – This is simply the monthly interest charged per month, multiplied by the number of months, that the loan has been set up for. The figure provided in this box indicates the total amount of interest charged if the loan runs its full term and is not redeemed beforehand.

Gross loan – If interest roll up is required (the vast majority of bridging facilities are set up with interest being rolled up) the figure in this box provides an indication of the settlement amount required to repay the loan facility if it runs the whole of the chosen term. The figure is calculated by adding the total interest figure (Interest if Loan Runs Full Term) to the Net Loan Plus Facility Fee amount.

Redemption Amount at Full Term

Early Settlement – The estimated settlement figure if the loan is cleared early, at the end of the selected month.

Other bridging costs

We use all the best lenders and no two lenders are the same. The cost figures provided are meant as an indication only, as they do vary between lenders. To obtain full accurate figures please give us a call and we will be happy to find you the best possible deal.

Other costs are an indication as no two lenders are the same.

Valuation fees - will vary depending on type of property, location and value. They also vary from one firm of surveyors to another, and we have to use a surveyor who is acceptable to the chosen lender. Valuation fees are required when it is time to instruct the surveyor, so are required before loan completion.

Lender's administration fees - do vary between lenders but are typically £295 and paid on completion, so are deducted from the loan advance.

Lender's legal fees - need to be paid, and are also deducted from the loan advance.

Telegraphic transfer fee – this is also deducted from the loan advance.

Redemption administration fee - is charged by the lender when the loan is redeemed. This fee is usually added to the settlement figure, so is charged and paid right at the end. This is usually in the region of £120.

Exit fees – these are also charged upon the redemption of the loan and added to the settlement figure. These fees can be high, typically 1% of the gross loan amount. Very few of our lenders charge exit fees, hence it is very unusual for us to arrange a facility that contains one. Therefore our calculator default has been set at zero.

Monthly interest charges - are calculated based on the information provided for the loan rate and also the fee amount.

When comparing us to other companies please note that we do not charge application, commitment or broker fees. The only upfront fees that we ever require are for valuations.

Bridging loan calculator explained

Our bridging finance calculator is similar to a mortgage calculator, but instead of calculating monthly repayment figures our calculator provides information about the monthly interest charged and the lenders facility fee. It is important to note that the monthly interest figure calculated is just the interest amount charged, and does not include any capital repayment. Bridging loan interest charges can be set up so that they are either paid each month or added to the loan and paid when the loan is redeemed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get an instant online bridging loan quote?

Our online bridging calculator provides detailed examples of all the costs associated with taking out a bridging loan. You do not have to provide any personal or contact information to receive instant calculations. It is very simple, just provide basic information to receive detailed costs based on our most common loan plans.

How do I qualify for a bridging loan?

The loan criteria for most bridging loans is quite simple, and are really flexible with regards to:

  • Credit history
  • Income company, partnership, sole trader or individual applications
  • Applicant’s maximum age
  • Condition of any property being used as security
  • Using multiple properties as security
  • Speed

The important considerations for a bridging lender are:

  • The value of the security property
  • A viable exit route to ensure that they will be paid back

How long does it take to arrange a bridging loan?

Some bridging loans can be arranged within as little as 48 hours from initial application. However, very few lenders can achieve this sort of speed, many require 2 to 4 weeks from start to finish.

What can I use a bridging loan for?

They are traditionally used for ‘chain breaks’, buying a new property before an old one is sold. However, they are increasingly used when funds are required quickly, for example auction purchases, and also for funding development projects and un-mortgageable properties.

Should I deal directly with a bridging lender or broker?

We obviously believe brokers! However, if you are unconvinced you can always shop around for yourself and compare your best genuine deal to what we find for you. Since we don’t even charge broker fees you have nothing to lose. We will save you money, time and hassle.

What is your minimum and maximum loan size?

Our loans start from £100,000 and there really isn’t a maximum.

Last updated: 01 November 2021