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Terms and Conditions

Quick Summary

We are completely independent finance brokers

We hold the required licences/permissions for the finance facilities that we arrange.

We do not use 'cookies' - Our website has been designed and built so that it does not require or make use of 'cookies'.

About the information that you provide us:

  • Our online application form is 'https secure' to ensure the security of your information while in transit. Data sent to us via our application form is protected using 2048 bit encryption.

  • When making an application for finance we do not sell or share with any other business or organisation, information sent to us via our website - therefore your name, address, email address, phone numbers, etc. will only be used by ourselves.

    Please note: If you decide to proceed and set up or make a full application for a finance facility, you will need to read/consider the individual lender's terms and conditions and what they do with your information.

  • We take all possible precautions to ensure that all information held by ourselves is secure.

Other than finding our customers the best possible deal for the finance facility that they require, we do not share or sell your personal information.

When making an enquiry any information sent to us will not be sold or shared with any other organisation. If a full application is then made we will need to provide information with the chosen lender. The lenders are all bound by data protection regulations and will not share this information unless you agree for them to do so. Therefore care should be taken to tick or leave blank the correct boxes when asked to sign application forms.

Who we are?

KIS Finance and KIS Bridging Loans are both trading styles of Key Loans and Mortgages Ltd.

We are completely independent credit and finance brokers who specialise in providing bridging loans (short term finance), secured loans, development finance, buy to let and commercial mortgages.

Being independent allows us to access the best lenders so that we can provide our customers the most competitive finance deals available in the market.

Our registered address

KIS Finance
Wentwood Cwrt
NP15 1LF

KIS Finance is a trading style of Key Loans and Mortgages Limited registered in England and Wales (Company Number – 06524192)

Who regulates us?

Key Loans and Mortgages Limited is authorised for certain consumer credit activities and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under number 616887.


You understand that if your loan is secured then your property is at risk if you do not keep up with the repayments.

Our Privacy Policy

Key Loans and Mortgages Limited will ensure that any information you give is protected. This includes any information given to us about you or anyone associated with you that you or a third party discloses as part of the application process.

Our Data Protection Register number is Z5869666. The data controller is Key Loans and Mortgages Limited.

Consent, information usage and sharing

You must have the consent of all named persons on the application to proceed and in accepting the terms and conditions on their behalf, and by proceeding you are confirming that you give yours and their consent to us, our lenders and associated brokers, to use and store both yours and their data as detailed below:

  • To enable us to provide the service you require we will process your information and share it with our lenders.

  • We and our lenders may process a 'soft' credit search, also known as a quotation search, on you and anybody that you share a financial link with. This type of search can only be seen by you and anyone else searched. This may be done to view credit history, verify your identity, helps us select the best lender for you and to prevent financial crime.

  • Should you decide to proceed with your application after we give you a quotation, the chosen lender may perform a 'hard' credit search, also called an application search. The purpose of this is the same as described for a soft search, however in addition to this the credit reference agency will record that this search took place and a 'footprint' will be left on your record plus the record of any other person who was searched. This type of search can be seen by them and other lenders and organisations that make credit searches, and who may use it to make credit decisions, prevent financial crime and to trace debtors. Multiple searches of this kind can adversely affect your credit rating and may make it harder for you to obtain credit.

  • The credit reference agencies may have recorded that you have links with another person, for example a spouse you may have applied for credit in joint names with previously. Any financial links such as this can be seen on the search, and any joint applications you make with KIS Finance will create a link between yours and the other borrower's credit record.

  • Many lenders report to credit reference agencies, usually on a monthly basis, to state whether or not your account is being paid or has fallen into arrears. When a credit search is carried out, the result does not dictate whether or not you can apply for further borrowing, it is a factual report to show when you have made or missed your existing contractual repayments.

Accuracy of loan quotes

  1. KIS Finance will provide quotes for loans, calculated using the rates available at the time from the panel of lenders. Please note that APR rates and underwriting criteria can change and the lenders reserve the right to do this at any time and without notice. If your proposed loan was to be affected by an unforeseen rate change, we may offer you a new quotation or look to source the loan with an alternative lender if this would be of benefit, and offer you another loan quotation. In the event of a change in underwriting criteria which meant your application could no longer meet the requirements, we would look to see whether we could arrange the finance with another lender, or it may result in the loan offer being withdrawn.

  2. To ensure your quote for a loan is accurate and arranged in a timely manner, it is important that the information you provide is correct. Checks will be carried out to validate information given to us and if any details are not accurate it could mean the loan offer is changed, delayed or if the correct information falls outside of the lender's acceptable lending criteria the offer could be withdrawn completely.

  3. Any timescales estimating when the loan should complete will be dependent on the swift return of loan documentation, proof of identification and any other documentation we may need. If KIS Finance or the lender need to contact any other third parties who do not respond promptly, this may cause the application to take longer to complete.

Is it safe to apply online and what happens to my information?

  • Our online application form is 'https secure' to ensure the security of your information while in transit. Data sent to us via our application form is protected using 2048 bit encryption.

  • When making an application for finance we do not sell or share with any other business or organisation, information sent to us via our website - therefore your name, address, email address, phone numbers, etc. will only be used by ourselves.

    Please note: If you decide to proceed and set up or make a full application for a finance facility, you will need to read/consider the individual lender's terms and conditions and what they do with your information.

  • We take all possible precautions to ensure that all information held by ourselves is secure and accurate, if you are aware of anything that is no longer correct please let us know and we can update your information. We will only ask you for information that is needed and relevant to enable us to process your application. If we do need to transfer any details outside of the EEA, you can be assured that this will be done securely and will be dealt with by a trusted third party company. By proceeding with your application, you agree that your information can be transferred, processed and stored in this manner.

  • We will keep your records only for as long as required. The lender may use your information to continually update your credit file through one of the credit reference agencies to show how you maintain repayments throughout the lifetime of the loan.

  • Your information may be used for statistical analysis purposes and can also be provided to other agencies to help them to recover debt and to prevent fraud and money laundering.

Should you want to see your records at any time, you can request a copy by emailing us at

Please note that the way in which the lender may use your information may differ from KIS Finance. The privacy policy of the applicable lender may be detailed as part of the documentation which they will send to you, or will be found in their Terms and Conditions that you can find on their website.

Do we charge a fee for our service?

We do not charge any up-front fees and for regulated secured loans we will cover any costs associated with arranging the finance. On completion of such a loan, the lender will pay us commission. In addition a broker and lender fee may be charged upon completion of a loan. This fee will be reflected in the APR applied to your loan and included in any monthly payment you are quoted.

Please note that for unregulated bridging loans we still do not charge upfront fees, but the applicant will be responsible for associated costs such as valuation fees.

How to make a complaint or give us feedback.

We strive to deliver an excellent standard of service to every customer, however we recognise that sometimes issues do arise and if we fail to meet your expectations for any reason then we do want to hear from you. We would encourage you to contact us by telephone in the first instance to give us the opportunity to rectify the situation as quickly as possible, and hopefully turn your experience with us into a positive one. You may also contact us with a complaint in writing via email or post at our registered address.

You can be assured that complaints are taken very seriously and Key Loans and Mortgages Limited will endeavour to resolve any complaint with you as swiftly as possible. If the complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction and a final response has been given, or it has been 8 weeks since the complaint was first received, you can contact the Financial Ombudsman Service and ask them to review the complaint for you. The Financial Ombudsman Service is an independent service available to consumers who have been unable to reach a solution to a complaint with their financial services provider. You can get more information about them at the following web address

Feedback from a customer about their experience always proves to be invaluable information and helps us continually improve our service. It is also nice to hear from happy customers so please send any comments to us at or write a review on a recognised review site.

What law is applicable to your contract with us?

The Law of England will be applicable in any legal dispute. The terms and conditions of any application and agreement will be in English as this is required by law and will be governed by the laws of England and Wales and as such we will communicate with you in English.

Terms of use

By using this website you agree to each of the following terms below:

  • All information on this website is available for general information only purposes and it is not provided with any kind of warranty. As such, KIS Finance and Key Loans and Mortgages Limited do not accept any liability for any loss arising from use of any information found here, or any loss following any decisions made based on relying on any information contained on this website.

  • Key Loans and Mortgages Limited are the owners of this website and it is protected by copyright and database rights. All trademarks (registered or unregistered) used shall remain the property of Key Loans and Mortgages Limited.

  • You shall not copy, amend, exploit or otherwise use any information displayed in any way, other than for personal use only, when it is acceptable to download and temporarily store details on your own personal device for your ease to view at a later time.

  • Changes to the information on this website about the products and services we offer and any associated fees and costs can be changed at any time and without any prior warning.

  • If you use any links displayed on the website, you will leave this website. We cannot be held responsible for any material you come across on anyone else's website, whether found intentionally or unintentionally. We will refuse any responsibility for any loss or damage that may arise as a result of viewing another website found through a link displayed and we cannot be held responsible for any services which they offer.

  • You agree that you will not use this website to commit or promote any criminal offence of any description, including carry out any kind of hacking, insert/knowingly distribute a virus or any kind of computer code, cause any impairment to the functionality of the website. You are forbidden to use this website in any way that could be seen as disruptive and malicious, including attempting to tamper with any of the security safeguards or allowing or assisting anyone else to do so.

  • We do not accept any responsibility for your use of this website or any actions you take as a result of viewing any content of this website and any affect this has on any third party.

  • Your information will be protected and used as described within these Terms and Conditions.

  • It is your own sole responsibility to ensure you have adequate protection and backup of data and any equipment used by you in connection with this website. Any claims for any losses against Key Loans and Mortgages Limited, including any loss of data, time and profits will be strongly refuted.

  • We reserve the right to make any changes to our Terms and Conditions including any changes to the website at any time.

  • Key Loans and Mortgages Limited reserve the right to block access to the website or just part of it to certain individuals if necessary.

  • These terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and are subject to exclusive jurisdiction of the English and Welsh Courts.

If you have any queries surrounding these Terms and Conditions or this website then please contact us at:

KIS Finance
Wentwood Cwrt
NP15 1LF

Tel: 0800 644 6555


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