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Independent Bridging Finance Brokers

Arranging the best possible finance deals

We are specialist bridging finance brokers who have access to all lenders plus a range of exclusive facilities. This enables us to always provide our customers with the best possible all round deals, ensuring that the finance offers we provide are always the most competitive, undercutting all other genuine offers!

Our extensive range of lenders and vast resources allows us to accommodate a diverse range of bridging loan requirements.

Our extensive lending facilities and experience enables us to provide

  • Bridging finance from £100,000 to £1 billion
  • Immediate in principle decisions
  • Fast funding (48 hours is possible)
  • Loan terms ranging from 1 day to 24 months
  • Up to 80% Open Market Value
  • Most competitive bridging loan rates from 0.5% pm
  • All round most competitive finance deals
  • Interest roll up facilities or pay monthly
  • Poor credit history
  • No income proof
  • Non UK residents
  • All types of property and land
  • All of the UK (facilities also for Europe, USA and Canada)
  • Poor condition/dilapidated property
  • All types of construction
  • Complicated cases a specialty
  • Valuations not always required
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd, equitable and unilateral charges available

Bridging finance can be used for any legal purpose including

  • Fast short term finance
  • Maintaining place in a sale chain
  • Chain breaks
  • Auction purchases
  • Property development
  • Lease extensions and freehold purchases
  • Renovation, conversion and refurbishment
  • Credit repair (clear bankruptcies, IVAs, arrears)
  • Payment of HMRC liability (Tax, VAT, Inheritance tax)
  • Legal and litigation fees
  • Repossessions stopped
  • Business cash injection
  • Business expansion
  • Refinance an existing bridging loan
  • Raise funds on unmortgageable properties
  • Must have purchases, a bargain property or other item
Phone calls and emails are personally answered by experienced finance brokers (7 days a week including evenings). We are happy to answer questions, discuss available options and provide written quotes.

Our aim is to be as helpful as possible whilst providing the very best finance deals. Face to face meetings can be arranged throughout the UK and at very short notice if in central London.

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We do not charge brokers fees

We do not charge broker fees, commitment fees or any upfront fees. Usually (but not always) a valuation is required, payment for which is required and is usually collected over the phone by the surveying company when they book the valuation.

All the bridging lenders pay us an introduction fee for loans paid out. We get loans paid out and also keep our overheads to a minimum, meaning we don’t have to charge our customers broker fees in order to survive.man with steam roller reducing finance costs

How we work

Call us anytime, or if you prefer complete our online application form or email us.

Once we fully understand your requirements we will discuss the available options that you have and all provide quotes for each.

If you wish to proceed with one of the available options we will quickly arrange this for you.

From start to finish our application and processing systems are the simplest you will find, we really do make finance easy!

No high pressure sales – after discussing your available options we will not pester you with sales calls, texts or emails. We do not employ sales representatives, just expert brokers!

London Bridging finance team

For bridging loans in London we have specialist packagers together with a whole panel of lenders based in London.

This is due to the unique nature of the London property market, in particular the huge variations in property values experienced over small distances within the City of London. This unique nature makes properties in London very attractive security to lenders. Consequently there are many niche lenders who only fund projects within London.

2 business men shaking handsHow do bridging loans work?

A bridge loan uses the equity in property as security for a borrowing facility. Unlike other secured loans and mortgages, a bridge loan can be set up quickly and can make use of property that would normally be considered unsuitable security for many lenders.

It is important to remember that bridge loans are a short term finance method, so should not be taken out for long periods. As a short term method of finance they have advantages over other funding methods because:

  • Many facilities do not have exit or redemption fees.
  • They can be set up quickly.
  • Can make use of property that is in a poor state of repair and therefore unsuitable security for most lenders.
  • Interest charges can be added into the bridge loan for the full term, or a set number of months, and paid when the loan is redeemed.
  • Income proof and affordability calculations are not a limiting factor if interest is added to the facility.
  • A Poor credit history is ignored by many bridging lenders.
  • Less age restrictions.

Differences between open and closed bridging loans

Before taking out any type of short term finance you need to make sure that you have an exit strategy for how you are going to repay your loan back at or before the end of its term.

Closed bridging loans

If the loan is to be repaid on a set date, for example from the sale of a property where contracts have already be exchanged and a completion date set, or from the proceeds of an investment policy due to mature of a specific date, then this is known as a closed bridging loan.

Open bridging loans

However, if there is no firm date on which the loan is to be repaid, for example the exit route is the sale of a property that hasn’t yet got a buyer and could sell anytime within a week to a year, this is known as an open bridging loan.

The lenders do prefer closed loans, but for most applications these days it doesn’t make that much difference with regards to finding a facility, rates and costs. This is because the bridging market is currently very competitive.

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