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Bridging Loan Calculator

Our bridging loan calculator is without doubt the best online tool for providing a detailed indication of the costs involved with taking out a bridging loan.

As we are independent bridging finance brokers, our bridging calculator takes into account the many different lenders out there in the short-term lending market, so it doesn’t just quote for one or two lenders. Instead, it will provide indicative figures for a wide range of options.

Retained Interest Loan calculator screen shot

Retained Interest Loan Calculator

This type of bridging loan is the most common, but also more expensive. Therefore, we avoid using them whenever possible.

We have, however, provided an online calculator for retained interest bridging loans as a useful comparison tool. Also by using our bridging loan calculator you can compare loans where interest is added to the loan each month, against loans that are written on a retained interest basis.

Commercial Mortgage calculator screen shot

Commercial Mortgage Calculator

Our commercial mortgage calculator can be used for both commercial re-mortgages and purchases.

In addition to working out the monthly repayment figures when provided with the loan amount, term and interest rate, the calculator will also work out expected facility fees, interest only monthly payments in addition to monthly repayments, and also the total amount repayable and the Loan to Value.

Development Finance calculator screen shot

Development Finance Calculator

This calculator asks for more initial information than all the other calculators mentioned on this page. However once entered it does make excellent use of the data and is a very useful tool because it allows the entered data to be adjusted, helping you to experiment with different options.

In addition to providing details of interest costs on a month by month basis, this simple to use calculator also provides much more information. This includes the facility fees, redemption amounts, total project costs, development profits before and after finance, return on costs before and after finance, loan amount as a percentage of total project cost and also the GDV.

Secured Loan calculator screen shot

Secured Loan Calculator

Our secured loan calculator asks for some basic details, before providing loan options.

The cost of a secured loan is affected by the loan to value of the security being offered, credit history and the age of the oldest applicant. In order that the loan terms produced by our calculator are as accurate as possible, these questions are asked in a very simple format.

Equity Release calculator screen shot

Lifetime Mortgage and Equity Release Calculator

There are many equity release and lifetime mortgage calculators available on lenders’ and brokers’ websites. These calculators tell you how much money you can raise with an equity release mortgage, but they don’t give you any idea of costs.

Our calculator is unique because it does both and also provides a range of options with regards to loan amounts. These options are based on the different loan to value bandings, which help demonstrate how, when the loan to value increases past certain bandings, the interest rate charged increases.

Stamp Duty calculator screen shot

Stamp Duty Land Tax Calculator

In the UK, stamp duty is calculated and charged in a variety of ways depending on the location of the property being purchased. The different areas are England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Calculations also vary for the type of property, these being residential, commercial, land, investment residential, holiday and second homes.

The good news is that our simple to use Stamp Duty Land Tax Calculator covers all types of properties throughout the UK.

Please note:

All of our online calculators provide instant figures, without requiring you to provide any contact details or email address information.

Any quotes provided are not 100% accurate, but they do provide a very close guide for the vast majority of scenarios.

For accurate quotes on the best possible deal, based on your individual circumstances, please call us or, if you prefer, complete our online application form.