Quick tips for buying at auction using a bridging loan

How the credit crunch has changed the way that we borrow

The basic requirements for taking out a bridging loan

Greece is looking for a bridging loan

Asset refinancing can provide an excellent alternative to commercial bank loans and overdrafts

A quick guide to bridging loans and their uses

Finding the finance for development projects

Do your homework before making a bid at auction

What other options are there to taking out bridging loans?

£140 billion funding for lending scheme to protect the UK from the Eurozone crisis

Funding construction and renovation projects through bridging and development loans

Buy to let property, a simple guide

A common bridging loan use leading to new potential problems

Increasing popularity of asset based loans

Skip the bridging loan and go straight for the buy to let mortgage

Bridging loan to development finance with some mezzanine funding

A bit about the process of arranging a bridging loan

A bridging loan provides fast and flexible funding

Development finance or bridging loans for funding construction projects

Search for other potential finance options

Plan ahead before taking out a bridging loan

Bridging loans helping to move home

Bridging finance can be used to make a property habitable and saleable

The uses of bridging loans and development finance

Bridging loans only as a short term borrowing method

Growth in bridging loans is confirmed again

An example of bridging loan costs

Advantages and uses of bridging loans

Bridging loans and medium term finance options

As UK inflation falls, so does France’s credit rating

What is Bridging Finance Used For?

Bridging Finance Considerations

Bridging finance and medium term loans

Falling property values and credit ratings

Bridging loans and short term lending set to grow during 2012

Bridging loan exit routes

Possible further rise in demand for bridging finance

Bridging loans making deals happen

Confidence needs to improve so that our financial economy can improve!

Reasons for the recent growth in bridging finance

Where does bridging finance come from?

Asset based bridging loans

Bridging loans using asset based lending

Bridging finance uses

Bridging loans used as a back up option

Open and closed bridging loans

Some bridging finance exit routes

Bridging loans used to help with property sale and purchase

Commercial uses for bridging loans

A wide range of bridging loan facilities are currently available

Interest rates predicted to stay low for the next 2 years

Development finance can be a better option to bridging loans

For certain purposes bridging loans are very useful

Bridging loans are a useful facility for buying property at auction

Why use a commercial broker to obtain a bridging loan

Bridging loans uses to help cash in on record rental incomes

Bridging loans have some very specific uses

Some bridging finance uses

Two common uses for bridging loans

Bridging loan secures an excellent business opportunity

KIS Bridging Loans can also provide help to finance exit strategies

What are the advantages of bridging loans?

Bridging Loans are becoming increasingly popular for when you need money fast!

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