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House prices to rocket up again in April

A tough climb: UK’s property ladder woes revealed

Houses prices are continuing to rise, but new regulations could calm this

Fifteen months of consecutive growth looks very good to continue

Will it really be any harder to get a mortgage following the Mortgage Market Review (MMR) changes?

New mortgage regulations have come into force and lenders do still want to lend

Rental incomes are starting to slow down, so should landlords be worried?

What the Mortgage Market Review will mean for people with interest only mortgages on their home

Budget gives new house building a boost for six years

House prices to rise 10% in 2014 to reach the peak levels seen in 2007

Interest rates to remain at record low for at least another year

Interest rates will rise in April 2015!

UK Economy Looking Good for 2014

Good News Week Although the UK has a Shortage of Bricks!

What happened to the Common Market?

Property developers and house builders confirm ‘Help to Buy’ is working

Surprise as the European Central Bank cut interest rates to just 0.25%

Interest rates are still not expected to rise until the end of 2015

Property prices are rising at their fastest for 7 years, but where will it lead?

Uk avoids triple dip recession!

Without bridging loans the recession could have been much worse

What next for the British Economy?

Improved mortgage criteria starting to help property prices to increase

Bridging loans are being used by parents to help their children get on the property ladder

Bridging finance can help capitalise on profitable opportunities when planning is obtained for additional properties in your garden

The outlook for 2013 with regards to bridging loans, development finance and secured loans

What’s available in 2013 for bridging loans, commercial mortgages and secured loans?

Bridging loan providers should use modern systems that can detect fraudulent applications

Christmas Finance Cheer!

An overview of different types of lending throughout 2012

Bridging loan provider foils £1.5 million fraud

Another bridging loan provider is to close its doors

A poor exit strategy can wind up being very costly

Influences that determine monthly bridging loan interest rates

How the new bridge to let facility can prove to be useful

New Mortgage Rules for 2014

With over 140 bridging loan providers how do you pick the best deal?

A common misunderstanding concerning bridging loans

How is the Governments economic policy working?

Recent Finance News Sep 29th

Bridging loan lending set to grow by another 50 per cent

Further plans to help boost construction and the economy

Bridging loans and asset refinance for quick funding

Different ways to fund a property development

Bridging loans used to improve properties to achieve higher prices and faster sales

Some changes for secured loans over the last decade

Growth of bridging loans and let to buy mortgages due to a difficult property market

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