Bridging loans and asset refinance for quick funding

At KIS Finance we provide an extensive range of finance facilities in order to raise our clients the funds that they are looking for, within the time frame that they require. Our aim is to raise any required finance, but to do so ensuring that the best possible finance deals are found. We also specialise in refinancing with the intention of raising any additional funds required by our customers or to simply replace existing facilities for a lower cost option.

We are very experienced and provide an extensive range of commercial finance options ranging from asset finance and refinance, to commercial mortgages and development loans. In addition we also provide bridging finance and secured loans.

Many of our clients often require fast funding. Consequently two key areas of finance that we specialise in providing are asset refinancing and bridging loans. Both of these facilities can be used to quickly release equity tied up in assets, bridging loans to release money tied up in property such as houses, flats, commercial units and land, and asset refinancing to release tied up capital in vehicles, plant equipment, machinery and other equipment. Asset refinancing can be put in place quickly and can offer low cost finance that can be spread over a long period of time, up to 10 years or the expected working life time of the asset being financed. However despite bridging loans being a good option for raising quick finance they should only be used as a short term funding option.

It is important to ensure that when taking out a bridging loan it will only be for a short period of time because the bridging lender will want their money back by the end of the agreed term, and also because bridging finance is expensive over the long term. Common methods used to repay a bridging loan are through refinance or from the proceeds received from the sale of a property or other asset.

When long term funds are required for business purposes, a commercial mortgage may be a much more suitable option. We can provide very quick decisions for most commercial mortgage proposals and use an extensive panel of lenders to enable us the best opportunity to find the mortgage required whilst also comparing offers to see who is willing to provide the best deal. We have an expert team of commercial mortgage advisors who have an extensive knowledge of the various lenders and the types of businesses that each lender has a preference for.

For builders and property developers we offer an extensive range of development loans that can provide the finance required for new build, restoration, refurbishment, extension and change of use development projects. In addition to sourcing and providing the main principal lender we can also provide mezzanine finance and joint venture funding. Once projects have been completed the development loan together with any other finance facilities can be repaid through the sale of the property or alternatively refinanced through a commercial or buy to let mortgage.