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Buy to Let Mortgages

Independent Buy to Let Mortgage Brokers

We have access to an extensive range of mortgage facilities that can be used to fund investment property purchase, or to refinance property already owned to release capital or replace for a better deal.

We provide:

  • Fast Turnaround - Application to completion within just 2 weeks is possible
  • Large buy to let mortgages for high value properties in London
  • Best Possible Deals
  • Interest Only Mortgages
  • No Minimum Income Requirements
  • Flexible Lending Criteria
  • Property Portfolios
  • HMOs – Houses of Multiple Occupancy
  • Facilities for Limited Companies


Fast buy to let and let to buy mortgages with a 2 week turnaround

Our express buy to let mortgage service can provide an excellent alternative to taking out a bridging loan. This specialist facility is available through a select panel of lenders, but despite the more restricted choice of deals this specialist panel is nonetheless made up of some of the most competitive lenders, meaning that some of the best deals are still available!

This facility is very popular with property investors who buy at auction and clients who need to facilitate a speedy completion in order to secure an excellent deal.

Unfortunately our express facility is not suitable for applicants who do not have a good credit history or for properties that are in need of restoration or repairs. However please still call us so that we can discuss other options that are available.

Buy to Let 2 week steps


Finding the best rates for buy to let mortgages

When you apply to us for a buy to let mortgage we will take the time to search all the lenders for the best possible deal on a mortgage facility that suits your requirements and circumstances.

Obtaining a buy to let mortgage through ourselves is very straightforward. First of all we take a simple application over the phone, then, provided that we can help you, we will tell you about the different options available to you. Full information about your preferred buy to let mortgage deals are then emailed to you for you to consider. Once you decide to proceed we check that everything, subject to valuation, is still satisfactory with the lender. We then instruct the valuation which is normally carried out within a few days. Following valuation a report is emailed to the lender and if all is satisfactory a buy to let mortgage offer is produced. It is then down to the solicitor to complete the mortgage or remortgage on the required date. 


About let to buy mortgages

The term let to buy mortgage is used to describe a buy to let mortgage facility used to remortgage a property that is the applicant’s current home. Once the let to buy mortgage is in place the applicants are able to move out of the property and rent it out.

Let to buy mortgages are particularly popular these days because of depressed property values, meaning that people are reluctant to sell and would prefer to hang on with the hope that property values will once again increase in the coming years. An additional incentive to take out a let to buy mortgage rather than selling a property is that rental income is currently high due to the high demand and shortage of rental properties.

Another reason for taking out a let to buy mortgage is to facilitate an easier property purchase and move. Opting for a let to buy mortgage eliminates the applicant’s part of any sale chain, meaning that they are able to facilitate a move that is convenient with the vendor of any property that they would like to buy. Being able to avoid a chain and being in a cash buyer situation is very appealing to most vendors and this can also help to achieve a favourable deal on the purchase price.

For people who would like to invest in property a let to buy mortgage is an excellent way to start a property portfolio. Advantages would include starting a portfolio with a property that is well known to the investor, avoiding estate agent costs if selling the property, some of the legal costs associated with buying an investment property from scratch, and also stamp duty where applicable.