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Farage’s New Poll Reveals Staggering Change in Opinion for the UK Remaining in the EU
Nigel Farage, the man behind UKIP and the driving force behind the Brexit LEAVE campaign, posted a poll on his Facebook page ‘Leave means Leave’.

He asked the question “IF THE UK WERE TO DECIDE TO HOLD A SECOND REFERENDUM ON OUR MEMBERSHIP OF THE EU. HOW WOULD YOU VOTE NOW KNOWING WHAT YOU KNOW?”. Fully expecting the support of his 18,000 followers and fellow Brexiteers, he was sure that the resounding result would be to leave the EU, again.

Now the results are in, and over 745,000 people took part, it shows a staggering 61% remain, to 39% leave. Not the result Farage was expecting or, I suspect, hoping for.

This calls for the question, after the majority vote of Leave in the 2016 referendum, why would people now change their vote to Remain? Is it the way that the EU have been treating the UK since the vote, or have the Leave campaigners not lived up to the promises they made?

We recently conducted a survey asking the public How They Would Vote in a Second Brexit Referendum and received some very interesting and insightful answers.


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