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  1. Smart Thermostat

    This product is designed to give you a lot more control over your central heating system in your home. Smart thermostats allow you to control your heating from your smartphone, tablet or desktop rather than just the dial on the wall.

    This way, you can operate it when you aren’t even at home. For example, if you go on holiday and realise you have left the heating on, you can turn it off from wherever you are.

    You can also set up schedules. If you leave the house at the same time everyday for work, and arrive home at the same time, you can set up your heating to the same schedule – then you don’t have to do anything! You can also cancel the schedule if your plans change so you aren’t wasting energy by heating up an empty house.

    Some even allow you to heat up just one or two rooms in the house instead of everywhere.

    This may not save you energy instantly, but it will help you to use it much more efficiently, helping you to save in the long run.

  2. Radiator Booster

    This is a bar that either sits on top or behind of your radiator. It is designed to suck the warm air from behind the radiator, then uses in-built fans to blow it into the room. This stops the warm air just heating up your wall from being wasted.

    The booster also helps to circulate the air in the room which helps to heat up the room faster and disperses the heat evenly. This helps to prevent energy from being wasted.

  3. Automatic Radiator Bleeder

    If you want to make your radiator as efficient as possible, then it needs to be regularly bled. This allows the air trapped inside to escape, so you’re left with only the water. If the air remains inside, the radiator has to work harder to heat up, using much more energy than is necessary and producing less heat.

    An automatic radiator bleeder does this for you automatically on a regular basis so your radiators are always as efficient as possible, not wasting energy or heat

    You can buy one of these for about £10 to £20.

  4. Smart Extension Lead

    Extensions leads are a very convenient way of plugging multiple devices in to one outlet, they are hugely popular with most people owning at least one of them.

    However, the problem with this is that a lot of electrical devices, such as, TV’s, DVD players, printers and computers, go into ‘standby’ mode when they aren’t being used. This means they don’t actually turn off, which is convenient when you want to use the device again, but they are using and wasting a huge amount of energy, unnecessarily.

    This is where smart extensions leads come in handy. If your device is plugged in to one of these, the extension lead will cut off the power as soon as that device goes into standby mode. This will help to reduce a lot of the wasted energy, potentially making you huge savings on your energy bill.

    You can get hold of one of these for about £20.

  5. Chimney Pillow / Balloon

    This is a simple, yet effective, device that doesn’t require any energy at all to operate.

    It is essentially an inflated bag that sits inside your chimney. It stops the warm air inside your home from escaping and prevents any of the cold air from outside coming in. It will be especially beneficial in the colder months when our heating is on full blast and half of it is escaping, sending energy and heating bills through the roof!

    You can buy one of these for about £17.

  6. Wi-Fi Smart Plug

    A lot of us, I’m sure, can admit to accidentally leaving things plugged in and turned on when we leave the house – common devices being irons and hair straighteners. However, a smart plug will prevent you from ever doing it again! All you have to do is plug it in, connect it to your home wi-fi and download the app onto your smartphone or tablet.

    You can either use the app to control your outlets manually, or you can set up schedules to have certain devices automatically turn on and off at a pre-set time. This is especially helpful if you leave the house at the same time everyday for work as you will be saving energy without having to even think about it!

    Some smart plugs also an in-built monitoring feature which enables you to view the amount of energy that the device plugged in is consuming.

    It may not save you huge amounts straight away, but it will enable to manage your energy usage more efficiently, helping you to save in the long-run.

    You can but smart plugs for about £20 each.

  7. Ecoflap

    A place where a lot of your heat can escape is through your letter box. Whilst its flapping in the wind, it is letting warm air out and cold air in, forcing your central heating to work much harder and use more energy to maintain its temperature.

    An Ecoflap is a simple and great way of draught-proofing your letter box.

    It attaches to the inside of your door so it doesn’t affect the appearance of the outside and works smoothly to allow deliveries to be made easily, but closes firmly behind it. The Ecoflap will stay firmly shut even in strong winds, not to let any draughts through or warm air out.

    This will effectively help to reduce your heating and energy wasting, for something so simple.

     You can buy an Ecoflap for £27.99.

  8. Solar Charger

    The easiest time to charge phones and tablets is often overnight when they aren’t being used. This uses a lot more energy than is necessary as they only take a couple of hours to charge but are left plugged in all night.

    A good way of saving this energy is by using a solar charger. All you have to do is leave it by a window, or outside in the summer, as it captures energy from the sun and stores it. When it’s ready, you can plug in your devices, using the in-built USB ports, to charge them for as long as you like. Some chargers even have enough energy storage to charge your phone for 45 hours.

    You can buy a solar charger for about £15 to £50, depending on the model you buy.


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