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More cheap flights are available than ever before so why not plan an Easter break or plan ahead and get a good deal on your summer holiday?

Where to go on a good value holiday?

For the best value holiday, it is worth thinking about how far your spending money will go at your destination, rather than just thinking about hotel and accommodation costs. Look out for destinations with a weak currency versus the pound, such as Canada and Eurozone countries.

Consider lesser known destinations near to typical tourist destinations to benefit from lower costs once you get there. For example, rather than going to Costa Rica consider Honduras in Central America as an alternative. There you can still benefit from beautiful beaches and the cost of cocktails and underwater activities such as scuba diving and snorkelling are likely to be much cheaper. If you plan to visit a destination less known as a holiday spot, take time to read some reviews online and find out where is worth a visit when you get there.

Should I book a package holiday or book flights and accommodation separately?

Package holiday - If you’re looking to book a traditional holiday, such as a week or two in Florida, the package deals offered by travel agents are often cheaper than if you book the flights and hotels individually yourself. Plus you have the added peace of mind knowing a holiday representative will be nearby should you need help whilst you’re away, and you will benefit from the protection offered by the ATOL scheme. (Make sure the holiday is covered by the scheme, but this is usually the case if you book through an agent). ATOL or ABTA protection covers you in the event the company goes bust – should this happen prior to the holiday then you would receive a refund or if you were away at the time you would not be left stranded – having cover will mean that you will be able to have alternative flights home. You should receive an ATOL certificate if your holiday is covered.

DIY Online - For other breaks away, including city breaks or holidays at less typical tourist destinations, try searching for the best flight and hotel deals online. You can still benefit from ATOL protection if you book 2 of following together online or within 24 hours of the first purchase on the same website: flights, hotel or car hire.

Ensure your deposit is covered by paying on a credit card if possible. Airlines can charge extra for this, however credit card payments over £100 are automatically protected for free under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act – so in the event of an issue with your holiday you can contact the card supplier to claim your money back.

How to bag a last minute (or last week) bargain holiday

If you don’t mind where you go as long as you get some sun, you can leave booking your holiday until as late as the last week. Tour operators reserve rooms in hotels and seats on planes in advance and lose money when these go unsold – so the closer the date approaches the more keen they will be to lower prices. Bear in mind that there will inevitably be less choice.

If you can’t be flexible with location - book in advance!

Airlines tend to bump up their prices on flights last minute as often if a flight is urgent or needed for business reasons then people are prepared to pay. To get the very best deals, aim to book around 3 months in advance. If you can be fairly flexible about when you travel, check out mid week prices as they are often cheapest. Make sure your getting the best deal on your flight by checking at least 2 comparison websites online, such as skyscanner and travel supermarket.

If you need to go during the school holidays, prices are usually cheaper towards the end of the holiday period as people tend to be keen to go on holiday as soon as possible, so demand tends to drop in the final week or two.

If you can be flexible with the dates, it is well worth checking your flight price on, as your search result will usually include a ‘Date Tip’ which normally tells you that you can save hundreds of pounds if you fly a day or two earlier or later in either or both directions.

Save money at the airport

Once you’ve booked your holiday, don’t blow any savings you’ve made by making costly mistakes at the airport.

Car parking

If you’re intending on leaving a car there – book your car parking in advance. Don’t just show up on the day.

Remember to check in online

Budget airlines often charge a fee to check in at the airport, so don’t forget to do this beforehand.

Do you need a suitcase?

There is usually a fee for each case you wish to check in. Hand luggage allowed onboard is often the size of a small case as opposed to just a handbag, so see if you can cope with just taking this amount. Many passengers are stung with hefty excess baggage fees on their return home as they purchase things whilst they are away. Plan ahead to avoid this, or if you do find yourself over the limit, consider whether you can wear the excess clothes rather than paying to put them in the case. There is no limit regarding how much you can wear on the plane.

Take your own food

Avoid paying high prices for snacks onboard by taking your own food. You can’t take drinks on the plane due to the restrictions concerning liquids.

Avoid a huge phone bill!

Tell your network provider you’re going on holiday as they may be able to adjust your package so you can make cheaper calls. If you want to avoid a higher bill altogether, ask friends and family to send you text messages as it is always free to receive these and reply when you come home. Always remember to turn off 3G and data roming.


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