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  1. Kitchen

    If you want to improve one room in the house, choose the kitchen. A new kitchen typically can increase the value of the property by between 4-5%, but don’t overspend (for example, if your property is worth £150,000 then do not spent £10,000 on a kitchen as you won’t add this much value to your property) Have a look out for ex display kitchens being sold cheaply in DIY stores – you are picking a kitchen for somebody else so there is no point paying extra for your favourite kitchen, choose one that is good value for money. If you can’t afford a new kitchen, consider refacing the units you have and play it safe by sticking to neutral colours.

  2. Bathroom

    Does the property need a new bathroom? If the existing one is dated or repairs are needed, have a look out for ex display bathrooms or other discounted bathroom suites online. If you can’t afford a new bathroom, you could add an impressive feature cheaply to improve the existing bathroom’s appeal. For less than £100 you could add a heated chrome towel rail or swap the grubby shower curtain for a clean glass door, or for £20-£50 in a clearance sale you could upgrade the shower head to a wide rain shower. Again, remember you are choosing for someone else so pick items that are on offer as opposed to what you think would be someone’s preference.

  1. Front door

    Make your home look more inviting than your neighbours’. If someone is going to buy your house, they need to want to come inside after seeing the outside. Create a good first impression and make your front door stand out, it doesn’t need to be costly. Go for a wander and look at other people’s front doors for inspiration. You may decide to brighten up your existing door with a coat of paint, or for £10 you could buy a new brass knocker and letter plate to match. Ensure any new additions are in keeping with the character of the property – new shiny chrome house numbers won’t look right if your house is a period cottage.

  2. Increase living space

    Increasing the amount of living space you have will add value to your home. Converting the loft could give you the space to add a bedroom and an ensuite bathroom. Increasing from 1,2,3 to 4 bedrooms will add value to the property but any more is not worth your while. If you are better off investing in downstairs living space, depending on your budget, you could expect to see your property value increase by around 5% by spending £5,000-£30,000 on a conservatory or by approximately 10% by adding an extension. Alternatively, you could convert the garage since statistically only one in ten are actually used to park the car anyway and this is likely to be better use of the space. When choosing the type of flooring for the new room, think about the floor you have everywhere else and consider keeping it the same so the new room looks like part of the home and not like it has just been added on.

  1. Flooring

    Although hard flooring has been fashionable recently, carpets have started to become the preferred option. This is likely to continue with energy costs expected to rise as they help to insulate heat.

    Wood flooring downstairs can also be noisy in a family home with young children so you may want to opt for carpet if your floor is tatty or otherwise needs replacing.

  2. Double glazing

    Energy efficiency is becoming more and more important, so if your home doesn’t have double glazing already this should be a priority when choosing how to invest in your property. If you are considering any other changes to your windows, ensure it is in keeping with the age and style of the property.

  3. City car parking issues

    If your home is in a city or anywhere that lacks car parking spaces, paving over the front garden to free up a car parking spot should add value to the property. Peace of mind that your car is parked safely outside the house would appeal to most people and would be much easier for elderly buyers or families with young children who worry about parking near a busy road.


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