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  1. Tesco Clubcard Points:

    If you are a regular shopper at Tesco and you are a member of their Clubcard scheme, you will be earning points every time you spend. Every three months, they will send you a certain number of vouchers with a monetary value, which you can either spend in the shop, or even better, convert into vouchers for one of their ‘reward partners’.

    Some of the places included are; Thorpe Park, Alton Towers, Chessington World of Adventures, Legoland, Tenpin bowling, Odeon cinema tickets and Cineworld tickets. They also have restaurants such as; Pizza Express, Prezzo and Zizzi.

    You can buy train tickets with Clubcard vouchers too!

    A lot of the time, they will triple the value of the vouchers which will either enable you to go for free or for a discounted price, depending on the amount of points you have.



  3. Free Days Out:

    The prices for well-known and popular attractions can be very expensive. Ideal for a big treat, however, there are a lot of fun and educational places you can take the kids for free!

    There are a huge number of museums around the country, some examples being; The Natural History Museum-London, RAF Museum-North London, House of Marbles- Devon, Museum of Science-Manchester and National Museum- Cardiff.

    Or, have you ever thought about taking them to a farm to get a touch of the countryside? Some great ones with free entry are; The Donkey Sanctuary-Devon, Georgie City Farm- Edinburgh, Bath City Farm- Bath and Surrey Docks Farm-South London.

    Another easy and fun option is local beaches and parks where you can have picnics and play games.



  5. Travel:

    If you want to avoid the inevitable heavy traffic that comes along with school holidays, public transport might be the best option. You can purchase a family and friends railcard which will only set you back £30 for the whole year! One card covers up to 4 adults and up to 4 children (aged 5-15) which offers 1/3 off the price for adults and 60% off the price for children. It covers most rail fares for the whole of the UK.

    For an additional bonus, once you have a railcard, you can apply for a ‘Taste card’ which offers discounts in thousands of UK restaurants.

    Another easy way to save money on train fares is ‘ticket splitting’. If you are going on a long journey, instead of buying one ticket for the whole trip, buy tickets for between the stops can be much cheaper! There are specific websites where you can do this.



  7. Kids Pass:

    If you haven’t heard of a ‘Kids pass’, now may be the time to think about getting one! They have an offer on their website now, so it only costs £39.99 for the whole year, or you can opt for a monthly subscription for only £3.99 a month which you can cancel at any time.

    The pass gives you thousands of deals from 40% off cinema tickets, 57% off thousands of family attractions and days out, and kids eat free at thousands of restaurants. A majority of the offers can be used over school holidays and half terms as it is specifically designed to save you money over these times (a small number of offers may exclude certain days over the holidays).

    One pass covers the whole household, including offers for adult tickets in some places. It is great if you want it to cover the whole years’ worth of school holidays or you could purchase it for one month and cancel it after the holidays.



  9. Save Coupons and Vouchers Throughout the Year:

    At different times through the year, a lot of companies will provide vouchers and savings for days out attached to product packaging. For example, cereal boxes and packs of cans of fizzy drink. You may find a lot throughout the year that you don’t want at the time, but if you save them up you can use them for cheaper days out over the holidays!



  11. Home Activities:

    There are so many fun and inexpensive activities you can do at home which the kids will love! You can get them into baking- ingredients for a simple Victoria sponge cake, flapjack, or rice Krispy cakes, for example, are very cheap, are easy to make and delicious. 

    There are also hundreds of different arts and craft activities you can do such as; painting, sock puppets, clay modelling, making cards, creating things out of cardboard boxes. All the materials you will be able to find cheaply at places like Hobby Craft and Wilko. You could either do these things as a family or invite their friends over and turn it into a party.

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