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Bridging Loan

KIS Bridging Loans are specialists at arranging fast bridging loans and the most competitive bridging deals for loans from £50,000 to £1 billion.

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  1. Being completely independent allows us access to the most competitive loan plans.
  2. On many cases our experienced team will further negotiate with the lenders to secure the best possible deals. For example:
  • Further reduced interest rates
  • Reduced facility fees
  1. We do not charge broker fees.

Bridging Loan Calculator

Easy to use bridging loan calculator that provides detailed quotes illustrating interest charges plus other fees and costs associated with bridging loans.

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Bridging Loan Interest Rates and Costs

Bridging loan interest rates and other bridging costs explained, along with how loan to value and underwriting criteria can influence the interest rate charged.

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Bridging Uses and Advantages

The many different uses of bridging loans explained, together with their advantages and disadvantages, describing when a bridging loan can be best used.

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We are specialists at arranging re-bridging loans to replace loans that have gone into default, run over, or are about to run over term. We work quickly to arrange the most competitive bridging deals, to help avoid the high costs many lenders charge for going over term. We can also help if receivers have already been called in or a repossession is pending.

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100% Bridging Finance

All about 100 percent bridging finance, what are their advantages and disadvantages of 100% loans, examples of, their uses and how they can be obtained.

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Large Bridging Loans

Specialist providers of large bridging loans and development finance for amounts over £1M and up to £1 billion to fund large projects and acquisitions.

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Bridging Advice

We provide free bridging loan advice about bridging and alternative methods of finance, helping you make the right choice to get the best possible deal.

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Differences Between a Regulated and an Unregulated Bridging Loan

What is the difference between regulated and unregulated bridging loans? All bridging lenders provide unregulated loans, only a handful provide regulated loans. The main differences between the two are explained and the reasons when a bridging loan has to be regulated as opposed to unregulated.

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VAT Bridging Loans

All about VAT bridging loans, their advantages and disadvantages, plus how they can be used to raise funds that are secured against VAT rebates.

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Why use a bridging loan broker?

When looking for a bridging loan, is it best to speak directly to the lenders, or to use a specialist bridging broker to find you the best bridging deal.

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Retained Interest Loan Calculator

Our simple to use retained interest loan calculator provides instant online calculations for short term bridging loans where interest is deducted at the start of the loan. The calculator can determine between net and gross loan requirements, plus has an early repayment facility, making it an altogether useful tool.

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Bridging Loan Case Studies

Some examples of the different uses of bridging loans and how they have been used by clients as a simple short term funding solution to more complex cases.

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History of Bridging Loans

A brief history of bridging loans and how they have evolved to become a very popular method of finance in recent years.

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Bridging Industry News

Recent news and developments concerning the bridging finance industry as a whole, plus lender news, recent developments, new and interesting plans.

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Bridging Loan Application Form

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Stamp Duty Calculator

Easy to use Stamp Duty and Land Transaction Tax Calculator for residential, commercial, and buy to lets, England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

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Property Auctions Guide to Buying and Financing Property

What you need to know about bidding, buying and financing property purchased at auction. The financial advantages, special conditions and the bridging options available.

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