The mortgage market review began in 2009 after we experienced the financial difficulties the mortgage market had caused for many people. The regulations previously in place had not proved effective in limiting high risk lending. On 26th April this year, changes will be coming into effect which will ensure mortgages continue to be available to [...]

The March 2014 Budget has given the Help to buy Scheme for new houses an extension to 2020, another six years, which is a longer period than most analysts anticipated. The existing scheme of course has certainly been a success and it is good that the Government has shown that it is very much behind [...]

In February this year house prices were 9.4% higher than they were in February 2013. These increases continue to be driven by a shortage of new homes, as still only 50% of the increased demand is being met by new build. However, house prices are still 10% lower than the peak in 2007! Growth in [...]

Back on the 25th January we expressed our opinion that interest rates would not increase until April 2015. Yesterday the Governor of the Bank of England explained how they would be taking into consideration a number of economic factors before making any changes to the Bank of England base rate of interest. The main economic [...]

Firstly this is not an article about using a bridging loan or any other type of finance to pay for nursing care. This is about how bridging finance can be used to help increase retirement income or can be used to help facilitate a convenient move that otherwise may not happen. Living longer This may [...]